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MassHealth + Plymouth Orthodontics

Wondering about your child’s orthodontic coverage? We can help!


Are you looking for an orthodontist that works with MassHealth for braces?

At Plymouth Orthodontics, we file with MassHealth, Medicaid, and all private insurances. If you’re curious if your MassHealth coverage extends to orthodontic treatment, our office would be happy to check your benefits for you.

Plymouth Orthodontic’s complimentary consultations are a quick, easy and free way for you to get more answers about your insurance benefits and orthodontic treatment. If you’re approved for MassHealth braces coverage, you will not have any out-of-pocket costs for your orthodontic treatment. If you have previously been denied for braces coverage with another office, we would be happy to resubmit for your coverage at your complimentary consultation with us. If you are still denied coverage, we’ll talk about your need for orthodontic treatment, the costs and your other financing options.

If Approved for MassHealth Braces:

If you are approved for coverage by MassHealth, you will not have any out-of-pocket costs for your orthodontic treatment – Phase I treatment, records, braces, appliances, retainers and retention visits are all covered.

If Denied for MassHealth Braces:

If you have previously been denied coverage at a different office, don’t give up! Let us submit for your coverage.

Treatment Options with MassHealth:

At this time, MassHealth only covers traditional metal braces and does not cover Invisalign treatment. While braces aren’t invisible, they are a tried and true way to effectively straighten your smile. If you’d like to find out if your orthodontic treatment with braces is fully covered by your MassHealth plan or if you’d like to compare braces and Invisalign treatment and costs to you, schedule your free consultation today.

MassHealth for Braces in Plymouth, Massachusetts