15 Questions you may have about Invisalign – Answered!

15 Questions you may have about Invisalign – Answered!

Are you thinking about transforming your smile? Invisalign might be right for you. We’re here to answer a few questions you may have about Invisalign before you come in for a consultation.

1. When should I see an orthodontist for Invisalign?

It is important to think on your own about your smile goals, however, we all have a habit of overthinking sometimes. Dr. Alvarado is an orthodontist with years of experience – let her do the thinking about your smile. You may have heard rumors about Invisalign only working for minimal changes, however, Invisalign has come a long way and can now treat almost the same cases as braces. We will help you sort through all those ideas and preconceptions to land on your best plan for treatment! We’re here to help you meet your smile goals, let us do the work.

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2. How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Just like traditional braces, Invisalign treatment is different for each person. Invisalign technology does allow for your clear aligner treatment to work just as fast as traditional braces.

3. What does it feel like to have Invisalign?

Although no one will be able to see your trays like with braces, you may still experience some discomfort. Some Invisalign patients report discomfort during the first few weeks on treatment. This varies greatly depending on each person, treatment plan, and smile.

Some people may experience a slight difficulty speaking normally in the first 2 weeks of wearing their trays. Just like anything else, practice makes perfect! Remember that it is very unlikely for the people around you to even notice such a difference in your speech. After getting accustomed to the trays for up to 2 weeks, you will go back to sounding just like yourself!

4. Is Invisalign custom made?

Great question! Invisalign became possible with advancements in 3D printing technologies. Dr. Alvarado works together with Invisalign to custom design each aligner for your teeth and smile goals. After we scan your mouth with our 3-D scanner, the Invisalign lab creates a series of aligners that you will change out about every 1-2 weeks. The aligners are made based on a personalized treatment plan created by your orthodontist. 

5. How does having Invisalign affect my everyday life?

Compared to braces – barely at all! You can eat and drink what you want, play sports, practice your instrument – life goes on as usual. To eat and drink, simply remove your aligner. When you’re done eating and drinking, brush and floss and put your aligners back in. If you play sports, you don’t have to worry about braces injuring your mouth. We see no downsides here! 

6. What is the day-to-day maintenance of Invisalign?

During Invisalign treatment, you will need to brush and floss more often – every time you eat. When brushing your teeth, it is also best practice to brush your aligners as well. This helps your aligners stay clear, prevents murky build-up, and damage to your teeth.

7. What are Invisalign buttons?

Invisalign buttons are small tooth-colored bumps placed on your teeth. These buttons help hold your trays in place and guide your teeth to get a more precise and straight smile. 

8. Are rubber bands sometimes used with Invisalign?

Every Invisalign case is different, and occasionally some may require orthodontic rubber brands, used in a similar manner as with metal braces. Rubber bands are used to improve your bite – or the fit of your upper and lower teeth. A correct bite is not only important in a straight smile, but in eating and overall health. 

9. How do I clean my Invisalign aligners?

You have a couple of options for cleaning your aligners. First, you can brush your aligners with your toothbrush when you brush your teeth. Remove your aligners and brush the inside and outside of your trays. Be sure not to use whitening toothpaste! Although this may sound counterintuitive, whitening toothpaste contains abrasive ingredients that can damage your trays. You can also soak your aligners in a cleaning solution. Invisalign provides a cleaning crystal that you dissolve in water and drop your aligners into. Never use other cleaning products or solutions. Contact us if you need to purchase additional cleaning crystals. 

Plymouth Orthodontics Toothbrush

10. How am I supposed to brush my teeth in public?

This is a slight adjustment to get used to but it really is super important to make sure you and your teeth are happy with the results. Our tip is to stash toothbrushes everywhere! Your work, purse, gym bag, car, etc. 

11. Can I whiten with my Invisalign Aligners?

Ding ding, winner! Indeed you can. You already have to have your aligners in all day, might as well add some whitener in there for a portion of it! Our team is happy to provide guidance and suggestions on how to best whiten and straighten at the same time! Talk about convenience.

12. How do I take out my Invisalign Aligner in public?

At the beginning of each set of aligners, it can be a little harder to remove them because they’ll fit tightly. If you’re uncomfortable wrestling your aligners in public, simply step into a bathroom. We actually recommend this course of action because you should always wash your hands before using them to take your aligners out or put them back in. 

13. Am I too old for Invisalign?

No, never! The preconception that orthodontic treatment is only for teenagers is not true! Every person at every age deserves to be happy with their smile. Invisalign is great for any age.

14. How is Invisalign different from at-home treatment?

New at-home orthodontic treatment might seem intriguing but they aren’t superior to traditional Invisalign. With traditional Invisalign, you get all the benefits of having invisible aligner trays, with the supervision of an actual orthodontist that you can actually speak to! That’s right, with other at-home companies all contact is virtual and sometimes quite spotty. When you start Invisalign treatment with Plymouth Orthodontics you have a team to email or call if you have questions and access to an actual office if you’re really in a pinch. 

Aside from more contact with an Orthodontist along the way, your Invisalign journey is planned by Plymouth’s own, Dr. Alvarado, an actual orthodontist trained for years in straightening teeth, not a dentist in another state. Patients of these at-home companies commonly have trouble getting their impressions exactly right, losing valuable time, money, and even possibly jeopardizing their entire journey to a straight smile. Invisalign aligners are made out of the highest quality materials and customized to fit your teeth perfectly, every step of the way. PLUS, you get access to professional whitening to really make your smile shine!

15. About how much $$ does Invisalign cost?

We get it, the cost is something you have to think about. Many people think that since Invisalign is a more modern treatment, it’ll be more expensive. We offer free consultations where we develop your treatment plan and cost. At Plymouth Orthodontics, we file with MassHealth, Medicaid, and all private insurances. Our team wants to make sure you get the best treatment you can get so we work hard to find financing offers that work for you!

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Plymouth Orthodontic’s Gives Back with Smiles

Help us give back with smiles

It has been a pleasure being able to see some of our patients in the office and so many virtually. Our focus is always to help our patients feel comfortable and safe – not only in our office, but in our community. However, we recognize that this is still a very difficult time for people all over the country. Dr. Alvarado and the team at Plymouth Orthodontics want to give back to our community during this trying time and have decided to team up with South Shore Community Action Council (SSCAC) in the fight against hunger. We ask for your support in referring your friends and family to join our practice. For each referral, we will donate $25 to SSCAC for a backpack full of food that will feed a Plymouth family for one week!

How to participate

More than 70% of people have a need for orthodontic care during their lifetime. If you have a friend or family member who is looking to change their smile, have them come see us now. When they do, they’ll feed a Plymouth family for an entire week! When they schedule their appointment with Plymouth Orthodontics, just have them give your name to the office staff. We will send you an email when we make the donation and keep you updated on other ways you can help.


Dr. A and South Shore Community Action Council

“Making a difference in individuals’ lives while also being able to feed local families is something that I am so excited to be able to do,” says Dr. Alvarado. “The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in so many ways. As we start to go back to normal I look forward to welcoming more patients and helping feed our communities that are struggling from food loss!”

South Shore Community Action Council has been working for 18 years in the fight against hunger, feeding seniors, adults and children. Fighting hunger and promoting nutrition in nearly 20 communities on the South Shore, SSCAC’s Food Resources Program collects, stores and distributes non-perishable and fresh, perishable food to low-income, food-insecure people of all ages living on the South Shore. They support 14 different schools through the Backpack Food for Kids initiative, and have distributed 26,363 pounds of food – the equivalent of 20,279 meals!

Help us help our community! For each patient referral, we will provide $25 to SSCAC to fund a backpack of food to feed a Plymouth family for 7 days!



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The Benefits of Virtual Orthodontic Consultations

The Benefits of virtual orthodontic consultations!

We understand that trips to the orthodontist can be hard to fit into your busy schedule at the best of times. Now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be finding it even more difficult to visit the office in person.

virtual appointments

Karla M. Alvarado, DMD, MSD, and the rest of the Plymouth Orthodontics team are dedicated to helping patients both in-office and out. Our practice offers comprehensive orthodontic services to give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of. This includes in-person appointments when necessary, virtual appointments, and communication with Smile Snap to help you start or continue your orthodontic journey while at home!

The team at Plymouth Orthodontics is proud to be offering in-person AND virtual appointments to our patients. It has been quite a while since we have been able to see you for regular check-ups, and we miss you all! As of June 8th, we are able to start seeing all of our patients in person, whether it’s an emergency or not. We are taking the necessary precautions to keep all of you safe.

Although we would love to see everyone back in the office, we understand that you might not feel comfortable coming in – whether that’s because you’re more at risk, or you live with someone who is. If you’re interested in coming into the Plymouth Ortho office to see us, please refer to our website to learn about what we’ve been doing to keep you safe and what we expect you to do.

If you’re interested in coming into the Plymouth Ortho office to see us, please refer to our website to learn about what we’ve been doing to keep you safe and what we expect you to do.


Virtual appointments allow us to continue to help you with your orthodontic journey, while giving you the protection you need, saving time, alleviating stress, and getting quick estimates without inconveniencing you. Virtual appointments are helping Plymouth Orthodontics make sure you and your family stay safe by facilitating the same treatment as always – just from your home. The team at Plymouth Orthodontics wants to make sure our patients that are caring for children or the elderly, are pregnant or are immunocompromised are as safe as possible during this time.

smile snap

Our Smile Snap consults also are very quick. They happen when you have a few minutes to submit your info, and then Dr. Alvarado and the rest of the Plymouth Orthodontics team get back to you! Find out if orthodontics are right for you and your life without spending the time to commute and spend an hour at a consult.


Plymouth  Orthodontics is using Smile Snap to facilitate our virtual orthodontic appointments. Smile Snap is a user-friendly way to communicate with us by sending us information and pictures of your smile while you are safe at home! This works completely with your schedule, allowing you to start or continue your smile journey without even having to leave your home. This also gives you the opportunity to decide if orthodontic treatment is for you, without having to take time off work. We are with you every step of the way through great technology. Learn more about Smile Snap and schedule your virtual consult here.

Learn more about Smile Snap and schedule your virtual consult here.

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Orthodontic Treatment Is an Option for Children and Adults Alike


Dr. Karla Alvarado and Plymouth Orthodontics offer options to straighten smiles with braces and Invisalign for children AND adults!

Because children still are growing, childhood is the most effective time to get orthodontic care done. However, we know sometimes it just doesn’t happen when we’re children – and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Deciding to improve your smile when you’re an adult is not as uncommon as you think. The American Association of Orthodontists notes that one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18.

Straightening your smile benefits more than just your appearance. Having crooked teeth can cause cavities, trouble with speaking, decreased oral health and other issues. Straightening your smile with braces or Invisalign can make cleaning your teeth just plain easier to do. If your teeth are easier to clean, then bad breath, cavities, and gingivitis can be problems of the past. Aside from dental hygiene, often crooked teeth can cause a bad bite. Having an overbite or underbite can trigger jaw pain, worn or cracked teeth, or even exposed nerves in the mouth – not fun! These issues can get worse with time, so it’s important to catch them early on.


Dr. Karla Alvarado of Plymouth Orthodontics in Plymouth, MA may recommend braces for children and adults. Despite the new options out there for orthodontic care, braces remain a popular and effective way to fix your smile. Braces do a great job of straightening your smile, correcting your bite, and improving your oral health.


Braces are one of the most common ways to straighten teeth for people of all ages. Braces are an answer for cases of overcrowding, overbites or underbites – and one of the most effective and powerful methods of treatment that Plymouth Orthodontics offers. Unlike our mobile phones or keys that always seem to be lost somewhere, braces are attached to your teeth, so they can’t be lost or misplaced.

For children, you can’t forget the fun of picking out color bands to put on for the next few weeks! With braces, your child can change the colors of his or her brackets at appointments – switching colors with the seasons or a changing mood. Adults don’t miss out on all the fun, either. There are more subdued color options, if you’re not feeling flashy.

Are you still concerned about the appearance of braces? Clear or ceramic braces work the same as traditional metal braces, but are much less noticeable. Instead of silver metal, clear or tooth-colored brackets are placed on your teeth to hold the wires in place. Even though they’re barely noticeable, clear braces offer many of the same benefits as traditional metal braces – lower cost, durability, and 24/7 treatment. If you prefer a less noticeable treatment, Plymouth Orthodontics may recommend clear braces – or may suggest Invisalign.


Invisalign at Plymouth Orthodontics is an appealing option for many reasons. Invisalign is a clear alignment tray that works discreetly as you work, play, sleep, and live! Since the aligners are removable, there’s no need to alter your diet or work harder at cleaning food from your braces. And whenever it’s time for the next step of your treatment plan, simply swap trays – no need to come into the office to have your wires adjusted.


Dr. Karla Alvarado at Plymouth Orthodontics in Plymouth, MA makes sure that Invisalign will improve your smile with little to no interruption of your normal routines. There is no worry about what you can or cannot eat, like with braces. Just remove the clear aligners and eat or drink whatever you choose! Struggles with learning how to brush and floss with braces are a thing of the past with Invisalign. Just brush and floss your teeth as usual. You don’t need to worry about wearing your Invisalign trays while playing sports, since they can act like a very thin mouthguard while you make the winning goal. Probably the most desired benefit is how discreet they are to wear in your daily life. No one even notices you have them – until they see your final smile shine! 

Whatever option you choose, Dr. Alvarado and the rest of the team at Plymouth Orthodontics will give you all the help and advice you need to get the best results from your orthodontic treatment. 

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